Friday, August 29, 2008

Lingro: updates

Wow, it's been a long since our last blog update - time flies when you're having fun! I'm sure many of you have been wondering what we've been up to, and the answer is: a lot. Our main focus has been building tools for webmasters and language learning sites which make it very easy to include Lingro's translation tooltips and dictionary capabilities in any webpage (about which we'll post very soon), but there are a lot of new small improvements all over the site as well.

We've also been spending some more time around the Boston startup scene while we were still on the East Coast. We've been to a few interesting interesting events early this summer. Along with presenting at WebInno 17 (where the audience vote gave us 2nd place out of six presenting startups, just behind Yamli), we've had the chance to talk with some neat folks at POPSignal, BarCampBoston3, and Ignite Boston.

Among the interesting people we met are a few our fellow WPI alumni working on some extremely cool startups: Cory von Wallenstein (creator of byFolio), Scot Junkin and Ryan Angilly (founders of messageSling) and Jeremy Hitchcock (Dynamic Network Solutions, formerly DynDNS). Jeremy was really interesting to talk to, because while they're already an established and successful company, they've still got the startup mentality of creating interesting new services. They've also created a free Wi-Fi network in their hometown of Manchester (using Meraki acccess points) which they're working on expanding.

Two other people with whom we've had a lot of fun with are Jay Neely (working on News Armada) and Scott Barnett (Careernumbers) -- both sites will be launching soon, we can't wait! Definitely a lot of cool projects and events going on in the Hub.


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