Friday, August 29, 2008

New(er) webmaster tools

Throughout the summer we've been gradually releasing new dictionary tools for webmasters and language learning sites, which make it very easy to embed a small dictionary widget on webpages, as well as allow clicking on any word on a page to show an instant translation using Lingro's dictionaries. This aspect of Lingro, which we've been working hard on, aims to help webmasters of sites with language-related content to benefit from the large pool of free dictionaries we've gathered and are continually developing, by giving users easy access to translations and definitions, without having to leave the page they're on.

Integrated tooltips

Integrated tooltips make it very easy to make words on a page clickable without using the Lingro web viewer. Webmasters adding embedded tooltips to their pages benefit from our collection of open dictionaries, as well as the advanced word matching techniques we've created (so that looking up "acquiesced" will return the same translation as "acquiesce"). Click here to see how it works.

Tiny dictionary

The tiny dictionary widget provides the same translation capabilities as Lingro's search-as-you-type dictionary, but can be easily added to any web page, blog, or forum. You can resize it and move it around the page so users can put it where they want. Try out the tiny dictionary on the right of this page and see how you can add it to your site -- it's really easy!

Those tools (along with a few more) are described on our webmaster tools page. We've also created a sample page for webmasters of language learning sites which shows how Lingro's tools can improve the user experience on their sites. Enjoy!


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